Creature and introduction of new alloys

Institute scientists have made ​​a significant contribution to the science of materials, development of new alloys. More than 50 new alloys have been introduced in various industries. Among recent developments of the Institute are:

  • High-strength beryllium bronze alloys-substitute
  • Alloys with high damping properties
  • Alloys with constant electric characteristics
  • Thermostatic bimetals
  • Silver based alloy for electrical contacts
  • Precision heat resistant alloys
  • Alloys for production of the thinnest bands
  • Alloys for special electrodes of the contact welding
  • New copper alloys based on multilayer nanostructures fulleroid
  • Copper alloys for electrodes, contacts and crystallizers
  • Non-magnetic non-toxic copper alloy for video and audio equipment
  • Nickel alloys for press machine tools
  • Non-beryllium alloy for electrodes of resistance welding
  • Magnetostrictive nickel-based alloy

Alloys are possessed of optimal combination of strength and plasticity in the wide temperature range, high heat resistance and cold resistance, corrosion resistance in aggression environment, heat and electric conductivity, ability for welding and soldering, high cyclical and relaxation stability providing with effectiveness of its practical use.

Demand for materials developed by the institute is constantly growing. In addition to the industries associated with the defense and space, today increasingly need in copper alloys such "peaceful" areas, as transport and machinery. Unique alloys are used in the production of refrigerators, intrinsically safe instrument, new generation automobile radiators, electrodes of contact welding in the automotive industry. Use of copper is expanding in civil engineering.

Elastic elements and springs of non-beryllium alloys

Non-beryllium alloys:

МНАХМц (№ 508), МНАКХ (№ 131), КАМЕЛИН (№ 405), КАМЕЛОН (№ 546), БрНХК

Trolley contact wires for monorail ways


Heat resistance wires and cables


БрХНб (№ 204 и № 204А), БрНФ

Electrodes for welding by resistance


БрКдХ, БрХЦр, БрНХК (МН2, 5КоКрХ), БрКоКрХ, БрХНбЦр, БрНХКМгЦр

Heat exchanging units


БрХЦрТ, БрКоКрХ, БрКоХКрМг (№ 50), М1рО

Crystallizers МНЛЗ


МН2, 5КоКрХ, М1Р, М2Р, М3РЖ, М1Ф, М1рО