Rolling equipment

For the last years, institute designers developed more than 750 technological aggregates, machines and apparatuses as well as manufactured 1700 units of rolling, drawing and other equipment and apparatuses. There were originated modern casting-rolling aggregates, technology and equipment of tube induction and argon arc welding, production technology of high precision radiator bands and other technological processes widely used by home and foreign plants.

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Process Engineering

At the Institute projects there were constructed more than 20 plants and workshops both in Russia and in foreign countries.

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Institute scientists have made ​​a significant contribution to the science of materials, development of new alloys. More than 50 new alloys have been introduced in various industries.

Well-known companies in German, USA, Brazil, Finland, Czech Republic, Israel, China, Yugoslaviya have gained more than 30 licenses for alloys and institute technical elaborations and new equipment designs.