Cold pilger mills for rolling of cylindrical tubes and tube profiles

“Institute Tsvetmetobrabotka” designs and manufactures the universal cold pilger mills for rolling of special thin-walled precision cylindrical, ribbed, hexagonal and square tubes from high-strength and hard deformed materials.

High technological maneuverability is reached as a result of implementation on the mill of several technological rolling schemes with selection possibility:

  • technology of deforming influence (only on forward stroke of working stand/on forward and backward strokes)
  • technology of feed and turn with possibility to change feed and turning angle value (double feed and double turn/feed and turn in back position of working stand)

Several interchangeable working stands/cassettes can be foreseen in the mill:
  • three roll stand with full ring dies with variable groove cross section – to produce high accuracy cylindrical tubes
  • three rollers stand – to produce tubes with hex cross section
  • four rollers stand – to produce square tubes
  • two- three- and four-rolls stand for production of two- three- six- and four-ribbed tubes accordingly

New design of the basic machines in combination with new technology provides with possibility for production of high accuracy special thin-walled tubes from hard deformed materials for various industries of power engineering, chemical industry and mechanical engineering.

Technical characteristic of cold pilger mills for rolling of cylindrical tubes and tube profiles

Standard sizes

Mill size P A R A M E T E R S
Shell diameter, mm Finished tube dimensions, mm Finished tube wall thickness, mm Cassette stoke, not less than, mm Number of stand double strokes per minute, not more Feed value per cycle, mm Main drive power, кW, not more
CPM 30 15-30

icon icon=10-28



0,1-2,5 360 160 0,5-10 60
CPM 80 30-80

icon icon=20-75



0,2-4 600 100 1-10 100
CPM 160 60-160

icon icon=40-155



0,4-6 800 60 1-10 200

Main units design features of cold pilger mills for rolling of cylindrical tubes and tube profiles


Arrangement. Mills are carried out with butt-end charging with two shell chucks and with two rod chucks. Taking into account specific character of special thin-walled tubes production for some tube types it is reasonable to apply arrangements with butt-end charging with abutting to shell butt-end.

Technological rolling scheme. The basic variant of the rolling technological scheme when cylindrical tubes rolling is double turn and double feed with rolling under forward and backward stroke. When rolling of square and hexagonal tubes the scheme with combined feed and turn in extreme back stand position is applied. In critical cases for reaching of maximum structure homogeneity (for instance, when producing special thin-walled zirconium alloys tubes with small diameter) it is reasonable to use technological rolling scheme with excepting of deformation under backward stroke of dies.

Working stand. Mill working stand is carried out with movable forced housing and with movable cassette. Depending on type of rolled tubes different interchangeable working stands adn/or cassettes are foreseen..

Three roll universal working stand can be provided both with dies with variable groove cross section and with constant groove cross section and profile support rails. Synchronization of cassette and forced housing movement is provided by means of lever system.

Exception of deformation under backward stroke is provided with additional device installed in movement synchronization line of the forced housing and cassette.

The others mechanisms of this type mills are analogy with mechanisms of the mills for rolling of tubes from hard deformed materials.